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A Botulinum brow lift is a type of procedure that treats frown lines between your brows. It also elevates the height of your eyebrows with Botox Cosmetic injections. These shots work by relaxing underlying muscles to smooth your skin on the outside and relaxing the muscles between the brows. A furrowed brow may indicate worries and stress but is mainly due to the fact that the two proteins responsible for our skin’s elasticity – collagen and elastin – are produced less and less by our bodies as we get older. Skin is no longer as supple and can’t spring back into place as quickly as it once did. Too much sun exposure, natural gravity, excess facial movement and genetic pre-disposition are also factors in frown lines becoming apparent.

The Botulinum injections can treat frown lines by reversibly relaxing facial muscles to smooth unwanted frown wrinkles and stop deeper lines forming. It also allows the brow to lift giving the perfect desired arch shape. The treatment takes about 15 minutes and the pain is minimal with a small ‘bee-sting’ like swelling subsiding within minutes. Within 36-48 hours the wrinkle treatments or fillers start to work, with full results becoming apparent after about 2 weeks.



All treatments require a deposit of 50% which is non-refundable and will be deducted from the total cost of treatment.

Group bookings available.
50% discount for the host, minimum party of 5.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Emma is lovely and very professional. I found her medical background reassuring and she even came to visit me at home. The aftercare Emma gives is great – it was nice of her to check in during the days following treatment. Couldn’t have asked for more!

Michelle Fox

Location 10 Parkfield Road, Topsham, EX3 0DR Phone 07885771300 E-mail Hours Mon / Thu / Fri: 6-8pm Tue / Wed: 9:30am-3pm Sat / Sun: 10am-4pm
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